Sherry Dubash

Hello, my name is Sheherezad (Sherry) Dubash and I am a board certified physical therapist in the state of New York and New Jersey. I started my physical therapy career in 2011 after graduating from The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) and prior to that receiving a bachelors from Rutgers University, specializing in Exercise Science and Nutrition in 2008. 

Having worked in previous physical therapy clinics that were overcrowded and double booked with patients, I noticed the quality of care was severely compromised. Patients took longer to get better and achieve their goals because not enough one-on-one time was available. I am a PT that values quality over quantity, targeted yet holistic treatment sessions and prevention after recovery.  Having adopted the one-on-one home/office based PT model—there is a striking increase in percentage of a quicker recovery time, a decrease in re-injury and excellent compliance due to convenience. 

I believe it is my responsibility to myself and my patients to partake in continuing education as a clinician. I have received further training as a Registered Yoga Teacher (200-RYT) from Bright Spirit Yoga in 2015, a Certified Kinesiotaping Practitioner ® in 2013, and a Level I Reiki practitioner in 2013.  My passion is working exclusively with musculoskeletal and orthopedic injuries using a creative approach

— incorporating manual therapy techniques, yoga principles, and Kinesiotaping ®.

The integration of yoga into my professional and personal practice has changed my life in more ways than I expected. The focus of my classes are to bring about organic movement with slow and careful attention to breath and alignment; music is atmospheric. I appreciate everyone’s unique motivation to practice yoga and can help create a supportive environment to help discover the vast benefits it offers. ​

When I am not working, I like to run, travel, spend time with family and friends, practice yoga and improve upon my photography skills with my DSLR. I am also fluent in English and Gujarati.