Treatment sessions are customized based on your specific needs



Hands on treatment provided by the physical therapist that works on soft tissue, joint and neural mobility. Manual adjustments are provided during therapeutic exercises as needed.  



Graded Exercise Therapy (GET) is a comprehensive graded exercise program and will be performed with verbal and manual instruction to cater to the patients individualized goals and abilities. Exercises include but not limited to: strengthening, flexibility, postural education and biomechanical re-education.   



KT method is applied by a certified KT practitioner and is it used to facilitate the body's natural healing process. The KT is a latex free, long lasting and used for various patient populations and during chronic or acute pain phase. Use of the KT is normally applied after the evaluation and manual therapy to prolong the benefits. KT tape will be applied on a case by case basis. Click here for more information on KT. 





HEP a customized home exercise regimen will be provided and reviewed with the patient to get the most out of each treatment session. Compliance with the home exercises is proportional to successful outcomes with the treatment plan created by the therapist.  The HEP allows the patient to become independent in their rehab goals and to prevent re-injury. 

Common Conditions Treated:

Post-surgical diagnosis

Low back pain

Neck pain



Sports injuries

Pregnancy related pain

Balance problems

Postural dysfunction

Acute & chronic injuries/pain

Please inquire for other conditions. If I am not able to treat your specific

condition, a referral can be suggested to best suit your needs.