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Exercise and Happiness goHand in Hand

Merriam-Webster definition of Happiness:

a. state of well-being and contentment

b. a pleasurable or satisfying experience

I’m not going to mince words – being active and moving your body can make you feelhappy. Regular exercise (and more on that in a moment), breaking a sweat and moving your body in a way that feels good, can trigger the release of endorphins and increase the levels of serotonin and these can make you happy. In fact, even when you test your limits and engage in strenuous physical exertion and are dead tired you may find yourself feeling accomplished and in a positive mindset. The reason – those endorphins tend to block feelings of discomfort and exhaustion and make you actually feel productive and satisfied.

Many people view their exercise routine simply as a way to lose weight or stay in shape. Far fewer see it as a means to change our mental state, which, of course, it is. And exercise does not have to mean an hour on the Stairmaster which can seem more like an obligation than FUN. Pretty much anything that can help to increase your heart rate and get those hormones going is beneficial.

Start by thinking about what you like to do (the key is that you also enjoy the activity):

  • Hiking

  • Running

  • Dancing

  • Spinning classes

  • Weight training

  • Cycling

  • Swimming

  • Kayaking

  • Rock Climbing

Lastly, you don’t need an extensive amount of time to recognize the results. Just twenty minutes will do it, but the key to success is to make it a habit.

Here are a few things you can do to get into a regular routine:

1. Convenience & access

  • Pick a location close to home or work (I use Classpass because it is convenient for my work schedule & provides a lots of variety)

  • Pack or keep a set of workout clothes and shoes ready at work or for your morning/evening workout ready to go

2. Set a goal

  • Write them down and put it in a place you can see everyday (I stick mine on the fridge or my laptop)

  • Keep an accountability buddy to check in with each day or at the end of the week

3. Make it social & fun

  • Find a friend to workout/train with

  • Find a training group or class that has a fun, positive vibe

  • Make a music playlist

  • Try a new activity or class

Happy Training!


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