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Is Abnormal The New Normal?

If 2020 has taught me anything so's that

Health is Wealth

First and foremost, I hope that you and all of your loved ones are safe and healthy. 

In the wake of adapting to a new way of being right now for all of us here on Planet Earth, a way that forces us to do the one thing we're told to do less of...connecting solely through technology; I find myself behind a screen writing to you, rather than speaking face to face. 

And I couldn't be more grateful to have the option to do that in this moment in time.

This transition has been pretty tough and very abrupt for most people. Just a few days ago I was living my life with my normal schedule, happily going about my day to day routines...and now everything feels abnormal. 

Not having somewhere to be or a reliable rhythm to my day has been the greatest challenge for me thus far.

To be quite honest, in the first few days of this change, it was messing with my mind and my sense of wellbeing. Panic seemed to wash over me. 

I needed to get all of that nervous energy out of me and since I couldn't treat my patients, or go to the gym, or retreat to a museum and let art whisk it all away, I went to my journal.  I know when I write it's just me talking to me-- but, suddenly I felt like the wiser and calmer part of me was talking to the panic-stricken and anxious part of me; reassuring the latter that

it's all going to be ok. 

What I learned from breathing and sitting with that calmer part of myself is:

I AM resilient and I DO have grit. 

WE ARE resilient and WE DO have grit.

This virus...nature, itself...has asked us to slow down and go internal and I am choosing to listen and learn from it.  It's natural to feel everything we are feeling right now, but if we choose to panic, we are choosing not to listen to the parts of us that know, inherently, we are safe and protected; the parts of us that know we are going to be better than fine.

I hope that in this unique moment in history, you take the time to listen to the calm and wiser parts of you in whatever ways feel most authentic. 

(If you're searching for inspiration to come up with some, I've created a daily practice for you included below.)

In addition to journaling, some other ways I have been choosing to listen are: running, cooking, doing a home yoga practice (see below!), reorganizing, reaching out to friends, finding new ways to connect and most of all being pushed out of my comfort zone (even though I'm in my own home...weird).

So here's something I wanted to share after being inspired to get out of my comfort zone!

*A FREE daily Yoga practice to keep your body strong and moving and your mind clear and at peace.  

*Virtual PT consultations to help keep your rehab goals on track and to guide you in your own self healing journey, which might be one of the most humbling and revaltory lessons of your life.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you've been experiencing during this time and how you've been staying active.  

I'd also love to hear how this practice feels for you!  

Till we meet again in the near future face to face, 

Your neighborhood PT, yogi and friend,



Simple Home Yoga Practice

15-20 min simple home yoga practice that you can follow along with me in my home. Everyday a new video will be uploaded for you. Great for all levels!


Virtual Consultations

Now offering virtual consultations that will consist of a movement analysis, diagnosis & prognosis education, guided one-on-one corrective movement practice and monitoring of therapeutic progress with each session. 

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