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One Exercise Does Not Fit All

Ugh, I have to go to the gym.

This exercise class is so boring!

I just can’t keep up with these kickboxing moves. Get me out of here.

Some of my clients have admitted, somewhat bashfully, that because they so dislike their workout routine, they have simply stopped exercising altogether. What a shame!

My advice: don’t let yourself fall into that mindset. Exercise and fitness should not be a chore that you dread. You should want to exercise and it should be something that makes you happy and feel good.

All people seeking their most healthy, fit self must recognize that exercise is personal. One exercise simply does not fit all. Those who abandon exercise due to boredom or lack of interest are trying to do something that just isn’t for them. It is important to know what kinds of activity, movement, schedule, and social company an individual is best suited for. An exercise routine should be customized and tailored.

Here are three tips to consider as you navigate your course to health and wellness:

Sign up for classes and activities that you enjoy and

are appropriate for your fitness level.

With so many good options it is rather easy to find classes and activities that you enjoy and align with your specific fitness level. Restorative yoga, pilates, spinning, high-intensity interval training, and forms of weight-bearing exercise classes are just a few of the types of classes you may find at a gym or exercise studio. If a formal gym class or organized social activity isn’t your cup of tea, try other recreational activities such as recreational tennis, salsa dancing, pick-up soccer, biking in Central Park or working on perfecting your swimming strokes, and more.

Choose a gym or fitness class that is convenient.

Most of us juggle work and play such that making time to exercise can be difficult. To make it easier on yourself, find a facility that is close to your home or office with hours that can accommodate both your work and personal schedules. The more difficult and time consuming it is to get to your workout, the bigger the excuse. 

Clear your exercise routine with your healthcare

provider if you have health issues.

If you are dealing with certain health issues, make sure you check in with your healthcare provider to discuss your plans for exercise. Some workouts are more physically stressful than others, and you wouldn’t want to unknowingly worsen an existing injury. For instance, a former patient was determined to join her friend in a power yoga class. Unfortunately, she was coming off 3 months of physical therapy on her rotator cuff and, as I advised, the strain of holding some postures would be detrimental to her progress. It was important that she consulted with me or else risk re-injuring her shoulder. Moral of the story: consult with your physical therapist about your fitness plans.

And remember, your exercise routine should be as unique as you are. Pick the right program for YOU!

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