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Traveling Tips To Remember Before Your Next Flight

Everyone knows that movement and proper nutrition is one of many key ingredients to a healthy lifestyle. Getting the body moving, allowing muscles to contract and relax, keeping blood circulating, and elevating the heart rate prevents certain health issues that arise when a person is at rest for long periods.

But how can we feel healthy when we’re crammed in an airplane? How does a person maintain bodily homeostasis around at 36,000 feet?

Despite your tray table and seatmate obstacles, here are some tips for you while in the air:

1. Drink lots of water & Avoid salty foods

  • Salty foods and poor hydration add onto the sluggish feeling while sitting for long periods of time

  • Salt will make ankles swell more if you are already prone to that (you might consider talking to your healthcare professional for compression stocking during travel to limit swelling)

  • If you enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail then for every 1 glass of alcohol drink 2 glasses of water.

2. Get Up and Walk the Aisle

  • Get up and walk the isle every hour to keep circulation going

  • Once out “in the open” you might even find enough space to squat, touch your toes, loosen your arms, or other free movement that you can’t do in your seat

3. Plan Seating Arrangements AHEAD of time

  • If you have a an injury then book a aisle seat or priority seating for extra space

  • Choose priority boarding so you don’t feel rushed

  • Ask for assistance with your baggage

4. Give Your Brain Some Love

  • Invest in a sleep mask, ear plugs and a neck pillow for some much needed  snooze time

  • Download a meditation podcast for relaxation

5. Twist and Stretch and Flex

  • Remaining in your seat for extended time does not permit blood to flow throughout the body. Sitting also constricts muscles that need regular activity. Remember to do these movements periodically, especially if you’re not one to get up during a flight.

Here are some movements you can do periodically:

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