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Doula at Home

Paving your Way to a Pain-Free Life

Personalized Physical Therapy & Functional Training

Welcome to True North Physical Therapy

True North Physical Therapy is a private physical therapy studio located in the heart of Long Island City, NY. Our practice specializes in treating various orthopedic and pelvic health issues through personalized one-on-one sessions that are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. Each session is dedicated to making individuals more resilient, pain-free, and knowledgeable about their injury. We strive to improve each client's quality of life through physical therapy and ultimately improve health.  


Our Unique 3-Step Approach

At True North Physical Therapy, we understand that every client is unique and that no two treatment plans should be the same. Our experienced team physical therapists are committed to providing a customized approach to care that focuses on using a 3-Step approach

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Identify Cause of Problem

We take time to look at the whole person–mind & body. This involves a deep dive into the understanding of their occupational & lifestyle factors, fears, self-limiting beliefs, knowledge about the pain/injury, and their individual goals–ie, what you do for work, what your lifestyle is like, what your goals are, what are your beliefs about this injury or pain, what do you understand about your injury/pain. 

Calm Down Pain

The unique factor is we don’t only address the mechanical injury–we take the time to educate and involve patients in their own care to help them identify their antecedents/triggers for their pain, which allows patients to anticipate their flair ups, what to do about it and therefore create a less negative relationship with pain. 

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Rebuild Resiliency

We help people get out of pain, become active and take their health into their own hands. We do this with education, clear communication, creating a sustainable plan and lots of encouragement.


We are your cheerleaders in the complex world of healthcare!

Meet Sherry

As the proud owner of True North Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves on our positive and patient-centered approach to healthcare.  

Our highly skilled team is dedicated to providing a "hands-on" approach, utilizing advanced manual therapy techniques and therapeutic exercises to ensure that each client receives the personalized care they deserve.

What sets us apart is our commitment to not only addressing the mechanical injury but also taking the time to educate and involve our patients in their own care. We strive to help our patients identify their pain triggers, anticipate flare-ups, and create a more positive relationship with pain.

Our top priority is to see our clients succeed by empowering them with knowledge of their diagnosis, fostering clear communication, developing a sustainable plan of action, and providing lots of encouragement along the way.



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