True North Physical Therapy promises to provide individualized care to promote health and wellness in a comfortable

and convenient setting.  Each session is dedicated to make individuals more productive and active, regardless of age.

We strive to improve each clients quality of life through physical therapy to ultimately improve health. 



"I came to Sherry of True North Physical Therapy with foot pain so bad I could barely walk. I know nothing about physical therapy so I assumed that Sherry would work on my foot, but in a few minutes of diagnosis she saw that she needed to realign my spine and exercise my core muscles. In a few months my pain completely disappeared, and in that time Sherry had taught me more about keeping my body in balance than I've learned in the last few decades. Her calm approach makes it easy to learn what it takes to improve myself. If you're looking for a physical therapist, True North Physical Therapy has the tools to change your life."


"After a mastectomy and reconstruction surgery, my left arm was very sore and did not stretch at all. My body took the positions it needed to feel better but it was not correct. Sheherezad Dubash (Sherry) helped me tremendously to regain stretch and flexibility in my arm, everything was realigned and I'm now able to reach above my head. She is very pleasant to work with and has great advice for your overall well-being."



Florence M.


Adam E.